What Souvenirs can i bring back? We did not worry about what we could legally bring back to Aus until we went shopping.
All we were told was that if it is wood don’t bother. The local people will try to sell you anything and say it is ok, i am looking for a proper list of what you can and can not bring back but all i can find so far are typically vague government guide lines.

I found this link which will be a big help.
Can I bring it back? – Department of Immigration and Border Protection  Web Site Here


WHAT to wear in Bali?
Light clothing, sandals or flat shoes, sun glasses and a bottle of water. For the middle of the day sunscreen and hat.

If you are in areas like Sanur you will need transport, give Mickey or G’Day a ring.

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6 thoughts on “Bali What Souvenirs can i bring back”

  1. Thanks for such a helpful website – I am going to Bali for the 1st time next week and I am very interested to know what NOT to bring back!

  2. We went to Bali last year and are heading back there next week, we bought some wooden carvings while there and also a coconut shell musical instrument, when coming back into Perth we declared them and they checked them over at Customs & said generally they are fine to bring back in as long as you check them over thouroughly for any little holes (may be caused by wood boring insects) before you buy them.

  3. that list that you have given isnt what you cant bring back its what you HAVE TO declare just incase people were wondering, so you can bring all of that back just make sure you declare it but of course it could still be taken depending on what it is and how high the risk is,,and thankyou very much for the link it helped me alot , cheers :)

  4. I have brought back dream catchers no problems, not sure about American Indian headdress.

    Cheers John

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