This page is for links to other Bali Blogs. Holiday experiences, good, bad, different, indifferent and level of enjoyment as judged by each individual, this page is for other  peoples perspective. All the blogs are in the order of when i found them or submitted and are subject to normal moral standards. If the Blog is linked you can be sure it is  interesting.

This list of links is for helpful hints.

I do not remember where i found this, have a look! this link will download a docx file and best opened with a fully featured doc program like Microsoft Office, when i find the original web page i will link to that.    Hints and things to Avoid

Dressing for the tropical sun in Bali

What to wear on holiday in Bali

Bali maps

4 thoughts on “Other Bali Blogs”

  1. I have lived in Bali for 3 years now, and have lost count of the number of times I visited as a tourist prior to that.
    My blog deals with the joys and absurdities of visiting/living in Bali and may be useful as a source of information.

  2. Very funny blog Borborigmus i hope others take the time to read it as you provide a good insight to Bali.

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