Bali Climate

Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach

The Bali climate is hot all year. The daily average is 32 degrees Celsius but the humidity can make the heat feel very oppressive. Direct sun feels incredibly hot, especially in the middle of the day when you’d be crazy if you didn’t stay in the shade. The Wet Season is between the  months of October – April, the Dry Season between the months of May – September but it can rain at any time of year and even during the wet season rain is likely to pass quickly.
In general, the best months are April to September, when humidity is lower and the rain is light and infrequent. The central mountain area is typically cooler than the lower coastal areas.
Overall, the climate is hot tropical but there are marked variations across the island: around the north coast sea breezes may temper the heat and as you move inland you also move up, so the altitude works to keep things cool. In fact, at times it can get very chilly up in the highlands, and a warm sweater or light jacket can be a good idea in mountain villages like Kintamani and Candi Kuning – Bedugul, The nothern slopes of Gunung Batur always seem to be wet and misty, while a few kilometres away, the east coast is nearly always dry and sunny. Days are almost always 12 hours long. Sunrise is around 6:00 a.m, locals can be seen on the beach blessing the new day, playing with their families in the surf or harnessing their nets for a day of fishing. The sun then sets around 6:00 p.m when families generally retreat inside.

Light clothing, sandals or flat shoes, sun glasses and a bottle of water. For the middle of the day sun screen and hat.

Please remember our adopted drivers, Both vehicles aircon Front and Rear

G’Days vehicle. Air conditioned front and rear.
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  1. I want to visit bali next year and would like info on a homestay and a stay at the beach- Kuta. any info is appreciated thank you

  2. Hi what are the differences between seminyak and legion we are a couple and do not know which area to book. I have looked at grandmas plus hotel in seminyak and also grandmas in legion HELP

  3. Hello Penny
    Where you go depends on what you wish to do in Bali.
    Seminyak is a bit further out from Kuta than Legion and is further away from the Kuta night scene.
    Looking at the hotels on Google they appear similar and are about the same age, both look a little compact.
    The one in Seminyak appears to have a swimming pool and the other one not, if you are thinking of going to the beach for swimming i think you will be dissapointed as the beach’s in AUS are better so a pool may be on you must have list.
    It all depends on your needs.

    Cheers John

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