Bali Tourist Visa

I can confirm that the requirement for a Visa on Arrival for Australians to Bali has been removed.
This applies to tourism purposes only and lasts for 30 days.
Your current passport is required and will be date stamped on arrival.

Entry requirements for Bali Indonesia
This blog is only concerned about holidays to Bali and we do not cover the requirements of other entry points in Indonesia.
Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 (six) months as from the date of entry into Indonesia. A friend of ours was recently refused permission to board his Aeroplane to Denpasar because his passport expiry date came under the 6 month expiry between booking and boarding. There is no compensation for a mistake like this.
Onward or return tickets are compulsory.
Your hotel or accommodation address is required.
There are no compulsory vaccinations.
Nationals of ALL countries planning to stay for more than 30 days in Indonesia also have to apply for the appropriate visa type (tourist, business, social-cultural, etc.) at an overseas Indonesian Consulate or Foreign Mission before departing for Indonesia.

When you leave Bali to come home there was a exit tax of Indonesian 200,000 Rupiah. The exit tax no longer applies as it is included in your air fare.

When you get to Bali and if your hotel is not picking you up you will need transport, particularly groups and or families. Bali is 8 degrees south of the equator and can get hot and sweaty which means air conditioned transport is needed. Phone or email our adopted drivers for wheels.

G’Days vehicle. Air conditioned front and rear.
Mickeys Toyota Air conditioned front and rear.

51 thoughts on “Bali Tourist Visa”

  1. Thanks for your information on visa requirements, exit tax amounts etc. We have been to Bali many times over the last 30 years however we have booked online for our next holiday and as it has been a couple of years since our last visit, it was great to access your website for clear concise information on the current requirements .
    Thanks heaps

  2. as I website possessor I believe the subject matter here is real great , appreciate it for your efforts.

  3. we are going for the first time in being of Nov this year and need all the help we can get, so this web site is very helpfull. thanks

  4. I am heading to Bali next week , travelling alone . I have not been to Bali before. Would it be safe to go out at night alone ? Any tips for a woman alone?
    BTW I have been on the web researching for a while and this is the best website by far. Thanks so much.
    Also if anyone has any must do’s in Bali ( cultural etc not night clubs) I would really appreciate your feedback.

  5. Hello Alli
    Sorry to take so long in replying, the only tips i can get from daughters is it is the same in Bali as here and that going out alone should be avoided, especially at night.
    The main entertainment strip in Kuta at night should be ok as there is usually a lot of people around otherwise go with some one. It is no different to Australia in that
    you need to aware of your surroundings.
    One of the best parts of our trip was staying overnight at The pictures are exactly what u get, even the picture from the Restaurant
    with the lion in the background, there is only sheet glass between you and real nature.
    I am going back to Bali at the end of July and as i am not a night life person i will be checking out Sanur, i have been told it is quite and i can walk around without the street
    pests that hang around Kuta.
    Let me Know how you went and if you found any interesting places to go.
    Cheers John

  6. Thanks for sharing all this information it certainly has been very helpful.

    I am heading to bali (first time traveler) with my partners brothers and sisters for there little brothers 18th birthday in November this year. :)
    Off to read some more! ;)

  7. Lucky I checked your site out. I thought the minimum time the passport had to be valid was 3 months not 6. My passport will only be valid for 4 months when I leave. Hopefully I can sort it out!

  8. I will be travelling to Bali for the first time in 26 days (not that im counting).
    I will only be taking hand luggage over but will be returning with a suitcase. I will be taking medication on the plane as i require it once a day. Will i need to carry a letter from my doctor explaining the use of the medication? A friend obtained one for a holiday to NZ and i am enquiring if something similar is necessary for Bali.

  9. I am planning on going to bali this july, however I do not know how to apply for a tourist visa since Iam not Australian citizen. I know I need a tourist visa but I can’t find any information on how or where to apply for one.
    Any Suggestions?

  10. Hi, I am from Singapore. I am bringing my Domestic helper from Myammar to Bali for a holiday. Does my helper need a visa? If yes, how do i go about applying for one?

  11. pls let me know what is the requirements for tourist visa for bali? im first time to visit there im from philippines

  12. The visa for Bali on this Blog is mainly for Australians, because of enquiries from other nationals I have put in a link for a Visa for other countries. Please go there.

    Cheers John

  13. Flying to KL via Bali… 3 hr stop over at Airport but have to change planes… I assume it will be at the international airport we land, and connecting flight from the same airport… If I do not leave the airport will I be stung for the departure fee of 150,000 whatever it is called?
    First time traveller through Bali

  14. Hello
    I do not know because the new International Air Port in Bali has just opened and i have not been through it yet.
    Dont stress it even if you have to pay the departure tax it is Rp 150,000.00 and at todays exchange rate it is less than Au $15.00 per person.

    Cheers and have a terrific holiday.

  15. Howdy, FYI … travelled from Port Hedland to Kuala via Bali, New Bali airport still under construction, Transit is just an empty space in one corner on level 3 ( I think it was) at the moment, do not know how you get to it if you are in transit, we came in on ground floor through arrivals via bus from tarmac. We changed planes at Bali so you have to get VOA, then through Immigration and passport check, luggage and then finally customs…
    You head outside, turn right and get lift to top level then go through departure security, check in, departure TAX, immigration, passport check and you are in the airport wandering around waiting for your plane.
    VOA was US $25 but can be paid in other currency, they have a list on the desk of how much it is in what currency, Departure TAX is in Rupiah and still 150,000 each person… Note: if you are changing planes always check the gate you are suppose to depart from. ours was changed 3 times and nothing over intercom, just happened to over hear others mention it.
    Hope this helps travellers…

  16. AND remember, if you are changing planes to a different company at Bali
    get some RUPIAHS as you exit arrivals, there is one each side of door, without this currency you will not be departing for your next flight…

  17. i am going to bali ,first time,in may 2014,i am a permanent australian resident, travelling on a british passport. do i need a re-entry visa to come home,and if i do,how do i get one ????

  18. Hi
    Has anyone paid their VoA before they leave from Brisbane? I am flying Garuda and they do an immigration card on the plane, but the $25US still needs to be paid. Garuda says this can be done at the airport of departure. Has anyone done this in Brisbane?


  19. Hi i am assuming that you are going to Bali
    The VOA (visa on arrival) is just that, you pay on arrival. You must get this from the VOA counter before immigration or you will be sent back to get it.
    The immigration card that you filled in on the plane needs to presented with the VOA at immigration and is in two parts, immigration keep one piece and you need the other piece when you exit Bali.
    Also there is a exit tax to pay as you leave which has just gone up to RP20000.00 about AU$20.00
    You can pay your VOA in AU dollars.
    Regards John

  20. I am taking the grandchildren with me to Bali in July. The youngest are 18 months old. Does anyone know at what age children have to pay the Visa on Arrival fee or is it paid by everyone no matter what the age??
    Also where is the taxi stand at the new airport??

  21. Hello Karen
    I do not know at what age the VOR kicks in, i think that until you know assume that you have to pay.
    I would appreciate it if you let me know after you been to Bali.
    I do not Know where the Taxi rank is yet but my daughter went through recently and she said it was easy to find.
    If you are unsure think about getting Gday to pick you up.

  22. Hello Karen
    The cost of the VOR has risen to US$35.00 effective from yesterday, you can pay in AU dollars.

  23. Hello

    I am taking my daughter to Bali in October for her 18th, just the two of us will be going but neither of us have been to Bali before can you recommend any good tours for first timers and give me any more info about the VOR been told I have to pay money to enter and leave from friend but nothing about visa
    Thank you

  24. Hello Sarah
    VOR means visa on arrival, this is for tourists and is good for 30 days.
    You get the VOR after you get off the aeroplane and are going through to immigration, the price is now US$35.00 each. You can pay in AU dollars and the change will be in Rupiah.
    On leaving Bali there is a departure tax of Rupiah two hundred thousand { about AU$20.00 } i leave my departure tax with my passport so that i do not forget it.
    It is cheaper to change your money here in Bali as there are no fees for that and there is a better rate.
    For first timers to Bali i recommend using G’Day for transport until you get used to this place.
    For tours i recommend a day trip to the Monkey Temple and The Kintomani trip at the same time.
    The best place i found is the Bali Safari and Marine Park this place is huge and should take most of the day.
    If your funds can cover staying over night the Bali Safari and Marine Park is awesome. I have stayed over night two times already click the link.

  25. Hi John, I enjoy reading your post. Just wanted to confirm (to Karen above) that the Indonesian Visa On Arrival (VOA) needs to be paid by every single passenger regardless of age. So any child, baby or infant will have the pay the USD 35 fee as well.

    Suksema ;-)

  26. Hello
    The only children that i have are all adults so i have never found out if babies or infants pay the VOR, maybe some can tell me.
    Do not forget that this Blog is for Australians going to Bali and there may be different requirements for other nationalities.

  27. Hi.

    Tourist and Transit Visa on Arrival is available for nationals of these 52 countries and territories. A transit visa for up to 7 (seven) days costs US $10.00, and a tourist visa for up to 30 (thirty) days costs US25.00
    This note I found in
    Is this true or not because Someone. Say now 35$for 30 days
    Can you explain ?
    Thank you

  28. This blog is only concerned about Australians going to Bali for a holiday and need VOR ( visa on arrival ) any other nationality going to Bali will need to check with their own consulate.
    For people with a valid Australian passport the standard VOR is for 30 days only and cost US$30.00 which you can pay in AU dollars and also other currencies.
    The passport must have a expiry date longer than 6 months on the day of departure.
    There are also other types of Visa for Indonesia but they are beyond this blog and i will not cover those types.
    Other countries also can enter Indonesia via the VOR system, some countries do not need a passport and other counties cannot get a VOR.
    If you need detailed information then check with your consulate.
    Be aware that if you leave Australia with a passport from another country you may not be allowed back into Australia.

    Regards John

  29. Hi,

    With the recent advised changes for Bali arrival visa (VOA) from Jan 15 where it will be free for travellers from Australia to enter for 30 days, Does anyone know if this is ONLY for Australian passport holders as I am a permanent resident of Australia (16yrs) travelling to Bali on a UK passport?


  30. The only information that i have is that this only applies to Tourists from Australia, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea.
    I would check that when you leave Australia on your UK passport that you can return to Australia on it.

    Cheers John

  31. I arrived in Bali on 19 January 2015. VOA still applied.

    I am returning in March 2015, and will assume the USD35 is still necessary.

  32. Hi,
    For people who are travelling to Bali and looking for ‘touristy’ things to sure to visit Tanah Lot..truly amazing and not to be missed..your hotel should be able to assist/organise transport for this.If you are in Ubud,why not spend a day cycling through villages and rice fields where you can witness the villagers going about their daily work..stop and have a chat with them.If you don’t feel up to cycling all day,you can jump in the van that follows the group.This costs $30 including return transfers,breakfast and lunch.You can book this at little ‘booking agents’ on the street which I believe are cheaper than your hotel organising it.
    Just a word of caution for 1st timers..if you are getting a taxi from the airport,please be sure it’s a blue one ( I’ve been told the other companies take you for a ride ( pun intended) and ensure they turn the metre on..
    Hope this helps a little ????

  33. Just returned from bali on the 8th March the Visa On Arrival still applies but you can now pay in Aussie Dollars if you dont want the hassel of getting US$.

    It cost me $50 at the counter

  34. Hi.

    We are travelling to Bali shortly. With the VOA, I beleive it’s now $35, we have a child under 2 and didn’t pay it last time for her, can you confirm this is still the case. Also the departure tax, I beleive a child under 2 is also exempt from that. I see you mention it’s now 200,000 rup, I haven’t seen that anywhere else, is that reliable?

    Cheers ~ Wade

  35. Hello Wade
    The VOA is US$35.00 which is about AU$50.00 I am in Bali now and i did not get any change from a AU50.00 note.
    No one has been able to tell me if a child is exempt so i do not know, if you find out please let me know.
    The last time i was here the departure tax was RP200,000 but i think it may have gone up to RP250,000
    I will let you know when i come home in the next few days

    Regards, John

  36. I will be travelling to Bali for the first time in May. I will be taking medication on the plane and in my suitcase as i require it once a day. Will i need to carry a letter from my doctor explaining the use of the medication?

  37. Hello Julie
    I have the same issue because i take my blood pressure tablets and anti acid tablets with me, i have never been questioned about these so i think that if you take your medication with you leave them in their original packaging with clear labeling.
    Also put what ever medication you do not need on the aeroplane in your suitcase and do not take any liquids in your hand luggage ( liquids my be taken from you at your airport on departure ) also leave any loose tablets home. Use plain old common sense and you will ok.

    Have a happy holiday, John

  38. Hi,
    I am going to Baii for a holiday before heading to Kuala Lumpur. I am bringing with me some gifts to friends in Malaysia. As I am bringing them into Bali and out of Bali is there any implication on the duties for those items? Can I declare it upon arrival on those items I am bringing in so as not to be taxed when I leave?
    Some advise appreciated.


  39. Hello Julie
    The departure tax is included in your air ticket, this happened early this year so unless you booked a longtime age you should be covered. I came back from Bali in Sept this year and i did not pay.
    According to the Indonesian news papers the VOR tax in no longer required for Australians but have funds available just in case.
    Have a great holiday regards John

  40. just a quick one I have been to bali on numerous occasions but only just found out that the 30 day visa is only good if you don’t leave the country as I stayed in bali left and came back well inside 30 days and was hit with another visa charge so if you plan on staying and coming back don’t

  41. March 2016 VOA into Bali is free for Australians for 30 days. This is not extendable. Search the net to find out the relevant details.

  42. Hello I am going to bali in December and I don’t know where to stay. I am not a fan of nignt life but I like some movement at night any suggestions will be appreciated.

  43. Hello Maria
    If you have not been to Bali before i believe that staying in Kuta or Legian should be you first destination.
    Both of these places are busy but you get a real feel for Bali. If you the decide a bit more quite is for you then try places further out.
    I recommend a day trip and even better a over night stay at the Bali Safari and Marine Park, this place is so awesome that i have stayed over 3 times all ready.
    Leaving the airport for the first time can be a bit overwhelming so i suggest a hotel pick up or use G’Day.
    Have a happy holiday cheers John

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