Are you planning to visit Bali and thinking about transportation?
Are you looking for a professional driver?
Do you need a friendly Australian English speaking driver?

I  introduce to you, two such drivers that were recommended to me by close friends that have been to Bali many times and I found them just as i was told they would be.
Speak Australian English , easy going and are well presented. These two drivers are brothers and have late model Toyota vehicles which are air conditioned front and rear  { believe me very important in Bali  particularly in the high humidity wet season }  The older brother is called  Gede pronounced  Good Day and the younger brother is called Mickey – pronounced Mickey. Both vehicles can carry either 4 passengers plus luggage or 7 passengers on tour or for shopping. You can use them for short trips, pick ups to and from the airport, half day or full day tours.

Tours for a vehicle and a driver including up to 7 passengers.
Half a day is Au$45.00 for 5 hours plus $5.00 per hour after.
Full day Au$60.00  for 10 hours plus $5.00 per hour after.

Our vehicles are the larger of the two and can carry more passengers and luggage, ideal for families.
If you need their services use the contact form below or phone:

The sounds of the phone ringing Bali is different to calls in Aus and there is a time delay so allow for this or you talk over each other.

 To book us please contact 




8 thoughts on “Bali Pick up and Tour Prices”

  1. Hello,we arrived in Bali 4 days ago and we used your recommendation of you guides Gede and brother Mickey we are so very lucky yo have found this site as everyone seems to know the best driver,but a lot are not to the standard of Mickey and Gede, I have 2 children and they have been so great with my kids,my family feel very comfortable with both of them and English they know very well,I thought this would have been issue,(they blew us away how well they spoke) can not praise these men or recomend highly enough for guides in Bali.

  2. Our family if five are going to Bali in January. Thank you for taking the time to publish your feedback, I will use it as my Bible.

  3. Thankyou for taking the time to publish fantastic hints, this will help make my stay in Bali more prepared.Cheers Rose

  4. I have been coming to Bali from Australia for years and get Gede for my airport transfers every time. He is very friendly, funny, trustworthy and will even bring cold drinks to airport pick up if you request it prior, just give him the money for it after. I can rely on Gede every time and always recommend him to my friends and family.

  5. Gede and Mickey have been taking me and all my family around Bali for 15 years or so and have become part of the family, airport pickups are great as Gede always has an icy cold Bintang ready for me, a cruiser fir the wife and cool drinks for the kids.
    There knowledge of the back ways through traffic always amazes me.
    They both know the best money changers can find anything you need, so use Gede and Micky you won’t be sorry.

  6. Gede is a bloody top bloke have used him many times. Speaks really good English and will go out if his way to make sure every one is comfortable. Has really good knowledge of Bali and especially for a first timer to Bali can be really helpful. And if you ask nicely he can have bloody cold bintangs waiting for you on arrival ? look forward to seeing him again soon!!

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