Bali Phone Tips

   Optus and Vodaphone have just released good value roaming deals so check those out, if Telstra come on board i will let you know.
  * Land line phone calls. (from your landline)
The sounds that the phone makes when dialing Bali is different to ours and there can be a time delay before the phone connects so wait a bit for the connection. There is a  time delay while talking to the other party so allow for that or you will talk over each other.

* To ring a land line in Bali from Australia dial: 0011 +62 + area code + telephone number. Example: To ring  the All Seasons Resort Legian, the area code for Bali is 361 and   the hotel phone number  is 756203, making the dial number 0011 62 361 756203.

To ring a land line number from a land line in Bali i will use the hotel as a example. You dial the area codetelephone number. That makes the number 361 756203.

To ring a mobile from a land line in Bali just ring the number as is. I use G’days number as a example  081338760074.

To ring a land line in Australia from Bali using a land line dial: 00161area code +  telephone number. Here we run into problems because the ring out code in Indonesia could be 001 or 008, { try both or if you use a hotel phone ask them } the area codes in Aus start with a zero, Western Australia is 08 , NSW 02 , QLD 07 : etc – you need to drop the zero.   Example: to phone Western Australia dial 001  61 8 12345678 or to phone NSW dial 001 61 2 12345678. (If you are behind a switchboard you may have to dial ‘0’ or ‘9’ (or another number) to get an external line.)

* Mobile phone calls. (from your mobile)
When you want to ring Bali from a mobile phone you can ring the same number as the land line or you can change the 0011 to the plus sign + { the plus sign replaces 0011 } thus making the All Seasons Resort Legian hotel number + 62 361 756203. G’days mobile number as a example is 081338760074  -so you can ring  00116281338760074  or  ring +6281338760074

It is cheaper to ring Aus with a Bali sim card so if you wish you can take a unlocked phone with you. In some places you may need your passport to get a phone or a sim card. Click on this link for a web blog on mobile phones in Bali and what type. *  Mobile Phone Link *

Do not pay to much for a sim card, be wary of the prices from the little kiosks.  If you pay to much for a sim card you may as well take you own phone and do not use it very much. If you do bring your mobile phone do not forget to activate international roaming. When buying a sim card get the salesman to fit it to your phone and activate it, then have him ring from his phone to test and get the dial out codes from him. As i do not speak Indonesian i had to go back to the sim card salesman to recharge.

Do you wish to phone Aus mobile to Aus mobile whilst in Bali?  don’t do it! It means you are phoning Australia first and then the person you are phoning pays for the call from Aus to Bali! You pay double whammy and calls to Aus are hugely expensive from Bali. If you need to contact someone on an Aus phone in Bali – send an sms, don’t phone. If you have to do this then dial +61 etc. Click the link for all * International Phone Codes *  

On my last trip to Bali  i did not buy a sim card and mainly used the hotel phone and when i checked out of the hotel the phone bill was very reasonable. When i was away from the hotel i used my own smart phone with  international roaming turned on and i had Data turned off by my phone provider before leaving Australia, do not forget to have data turned on when you get home. The cost of calling to Australia from my mobile was average $2.42 per minute and this saved all the hassle of buying a local sim, which will not work in Australia.

Better hotels have a computer that you can use free of charge or hire at cheap rates and all most all hotels have WiFi  so if you take your smart phone or Tablet you can check your emails and keep up to date with out the expense of a Data conection and if you use Skype, Viber  or Whatsapp you can use WiFi for free calls to other phones with the apps.

G’Day from your mobile +6281338760074
Mickey's vehicle. Air conditioned front and rear Ph. 00116281337809936
Mickey’s vehicle. Air conditioned front and rear Ph. 00116281337809936
G’Day from your landline 00116281338760074

4 thoughts on “Bali Phone Tips”

  1. We leave for Bali tomorrow, for the first time, and staying at the Bali Rani opposite the Discovery shopping mall . We have found many things on your website that will help to make our stay more enjoyable. Thank you and keep up the good work. Bill

  2. Definitely stay away from the kiosks selling phone covers etc. These places charge inflated prices for inferior SIM cards which may or may not all you to call Australia. I went for a SIMPATEK sim bought from a mini mart on Poppies II

  3. We use Viber, available for free from the App Store, when overseas or in Aust.
    No alteration to your phone or sim card.
    Both parties need a Wi- Fi connection which most hotels or bars have.
    Phone or text anywhere / anytime for free.

  4. There are some online places that you can order Bali-Indonesia Prepaid Sims and they will send it to you preactivated before you depart like ‘’.

    I recieved mine in a couple days, I recommend it to anyone who doesnt want to bother with dodgy salespeople in the airport.

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