There are money changers as you exit the airport on the right hand side, cheaper to do it here than Australia.

For some reason the taxi kiosk is no longer there however private taxi people will approach ( read annoy ) you to see if you need them. They will present a price schedule when you ask how much but these are a bit expensive so haggle with them. Expect to be contacted at your hotel by phone from some one selling tourist items because the taxi people pass on your details.

When leaving the Bali Airport for first timers it can be very confronting, please read all this page as it is not in any particular order.

In Bali there is no public transport but you can get around.

* In places like Kuta the streets can get very congested and parking may be a problem so walking is a option as the beach, shops and hotels are close by.

* In Bali you can get taxis in the form of cars or people movers. If you need a taxi as a car you can use Bluebird Taxi’s as these have meters and for short rides are cheap. If you are not up to bartering just yet these are a good choice. As you get the feel of how much it costs for a short trip you can try the other taxi’s and barter your fare before you get in and this should get you a safe ride at a price you are happy with. There are also private cars or MPV’s who will approach you as you walk down the street or leave a shopping center and all that is required is to barter your fare.

* When you get through the airport and if your hotel is not picking you up, you will need a taxi. { you can pre book a driver read on about our drivers } you walk out of the Terminal and taxi drivers will be there offering their services. This can be confronting as you will get swamped with offers of transport and will need to barter your fare.  For families it would be better to pre book a pick up from G’day, you will need the room for the extra luggage. Going via taxi or pre booked transport will give you your first taste of the chaos that is Bali traffic. Note that Taxi prices aren’t that negotiable to or from the airport, as the driver must pay a tax for entry into the airport grounds – outside you will find that travel over a similar distance will cost less. The taxis we got at the airport ( Bluebird )  would only allow 2 people per car plus luggage, G’day and Mickey can take 4 adults each plus luggage or up to 7 each if hired for a trip.

* Hotels can help organize bus tours.

* If you have a international  drivers licence you can hire cars, mpvs or a motor bike.

* Some tour packages have a pick up and return service.

* If you stay in the quieter places like Sanur a taxi will be expensive so private transport is the way to go.

Light clothing, sandals or flat shoes, sun glasses and a bottle of water. For the middle of the day sun screen and hat.

For a quote or to book G’Day or Mickey please email

G'Days vehicle. Air conditioned front and rear. Phone from your mobile +6281338760074
G’Days vehicle. Air conditioned front and rear. Phone from your mobile +6281338760074
Mickey’s vehicle. Air conditioned front and rear. Ph from your mobile +6281337809936

17 thoughts on “Bali leaving the Airport”

  1. Thanks for your comment Mick, Gede is the Bali name for G’day and i agree that he is fantastic, maybe the next time u drop by our page you can leave some tips for others.

  2. Bluebirds are generally good but the disadvantage of a metered ride is that the longer you go the more you pay whereas a ride negotiated with the driver is a different ball game because it is in the interest of the negotiated driver to get you where you want to go ASAP as he has nothing to gain by polonging the trip.

    This has happened to me….a metered Blue Bird in one trip cost about $50,000 RP the same trip with a different driver cost around $35,000….the drivers gets 30% of their taking ie the one that did the dirty pocketed $16,000RP and the one that did the right thing would only got $11, 600 so he would require roughly a $4,000RP tip for him to “get even” with the bad driver….I usually give drivers who are friendly and do the right thing a nice fat extra $10,000 RP…. its worth the $1.20 AUS just to see the big smile.

  3. Could you please tell me how much I should pay Gede for a half or full day trip with him and how many people he can take in his vehicle.Thanks Dianne

  4. Hello Dianne good question, we agreed on prices as we went however i emailed Gede for a price list and will get back soon, Bali people are very laid back and do not work at a fast pace it is just not in their nature. Gede and Mickey can both take 4 people from the airport with luggage or 6 people on a day drive with out luggage


  5. hi…me and my partner are heading to bali in January, would like to know the price list of Gede for maybe a half day tour. wold u be able to provide the info in ur page? thanks heaps


  6. Hi I have just come back from Bali, we used both Mickey and Gede(G’Day) average price we paid for example Legian to the Elephant safari park was 50000pupia each person so 6 of us =300000rupia. Both are excellent we used Mickey several times and then met Gede toward the end of our trip.Would highly recomend both of these lovel guys.

  7. Hi, I find the new airport really confusing and couldn’t find the new taxi window when I got out before being mobbed. Anyone know where it is? Thanks, M

  8. Hi Miss Monday

    I am in Bali just now and you are right i did not see any new taxi window
    It is most likely that i missed it because i always have Good’Day or Micky pick me up
    it really is very confusing for the first timer exiting the airport because of the extreme number
    of people yelling at you.

    I will check it out next time i go and update this blog, if any one can help please do

    Cheers John

    I tried to find the Taxi Window on the way home but could not find it, maybe it does not exist any more

  9. Hi,
    I’m planning a trip over to Bali, arriving on Monday.
    I was just wondering, if we got Gede or Mickey to pick us up from the airport, where they normally meet you?

    Thanks :)

  10. You need to contact G’day or Mickey Direct with your name and flight details.
    Go through the duty free which is the last enclosed area as you leave and they will be waiting outside with a sign with your name on it.
    You can ring them or use the email form on the transport page, this goes to G’Day and he will confirm your pick up.

  11. With the bluebird taxi’s, for the first timer they are the best. Just make sure you are getting into a ‘blurbird’ and not a blue. They look very similar and if you are not up to bartering rides yet you will get forced to as the “Blue” taxi’s which also have a bird insignia on the top do not have meters. We got caught at the start and were already on our way before we realised. Lesson learnt!! After you know rough prices you will be fine bartering rides with any taxi’s.

  12. Hi I am going to Kuta at the end of May and would like to know how much it will cost for a Taxi from the airport to Kuta ., for Gdayot Mickey to do it .
    Many thanks

  13. Hello Amanda
    Airport to Kuta is AU$15.00 for one vehicle and it is slightly more after hours.
    Bluebird Taxis no longer operate in the airport and if this is your first trip to Bali i recommend G’Day pick you up.
    Contact him via the contact page on my website, if there is no reply within 3 days sms me on 0406611288.
    Have a great holiday.
    Cheers John

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